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4 Reasons Why Brown Need to be More Present in the Creative Industry

Brown are an important part of the creative industry. Yet, Brown creatives are still underrepresented in this field. In this blog post, we will be discussing four reasons why latinx creatives should have a greater presence in the creative industry and how it would benefit them to do so.

Brown People Buy A Lot Of Stuff

Brown People make up a large percentage of consumers who buy goods from companies that produce Brown People-inspired products.

The Marketing Needs To Change

The Brown market is growing at a rapid pace which means more opportunity for Brown creatives.

Lack Of Representation

There is a lack of representation for latinx people on tv and film which leaves many feeling not seen or heard by society. I would love to see kids with dreams and aspirations to become writers, artists, designers, or Brown entertainers.

I want the next generation of Brown kids to know that they have options. Growing up Brown people aren't encouraged to pursure their creative or artistic side.

We need young Brown artists in our communities to explore different streams of income so we could be represented in different industries. We lack representation in beauty, fashion, photography and more.

We all know Hollywood is good at picking only images that serve the media.

Brown People Can Bring Better Ideas

Brown people have so many good ideas that can help brighten up the lack luster tv and film industry and I know the Brown community would support the success of Latinos in the industry. Stories from different cultures should weave through broadcasted media.

Tiktok Brown creatives

Tiktok has seen a lot of Brown creatives on their platform and we want to continue exposing Brown talent to the world.

Brown are an important part of the creative industry. Yet, Brown creatives are still underrepresented in this field. That is why tiktok is giving Brown creatives a platform to show Brown people all over the world that Brown can be creative too. They started a program allowing Brown people to get trained by Tiktok to produce better content and land jobs in the tech industry.

Brown make up a large percentage of consumers who buy goods from

Who are some Brown Creatives?


He is a Brown Tik Toker from Bakersfield that I have been following for a while. His videos are normally his thoughts about love and relationships. Ladies he is kind of cute so check him out. I don't know if he is single but shoot your shot.


This is a cute couple that make videos about their relationship and how spicy stuff.

How Do Latinx Creatives Let Their Culture Influence Their Work?

Brown creatives find power in their latinx culture and use it in a way that can relate to latinx people. They have the ability to create content that latinxs from all over the world can enjoy or take something from when they watch Brown videos on platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Brown's are no longer hiding their Brown culture and we should be proud of it. They are embracing their hair, language, culture and more. They are doing so by providing Brown people content that can relate to latinxs in a positive way.

Brown people are an integral part of the creative industry. Yet, Brown creatives are still underrepresented in this field. There is a lack of representation for Brown voices and perspectives, which makes it difficult to find work that speaks to their personal experiences.

How To Be Apart Of The Change?

Luckily, there are ways you can help change this by being more present in the creative space as well! Here's how it would benefit them if they were more involved with creativity:

- They will be able to express themselves on their own terms

-They will have greater access to opportunities

-Their skillsets will become increasingly transferable

-The need for diversity in all sectors of society becomes evident when considering these benefits. Shop Millennial Amor now

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