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"Adult Coloring Books for Women: The Perfect Gift"


The bad bitch coloring book is here to stay! You asked for it and we delivered. Now you can color the pages on your iphone, ipad as well as print them out so that all of those creative juices flow freely without having to physically color it or needing an actual printer- this way no one will be able stop by at just any old moment because there are high possibilities they'll want in on some pretty Colored Goodness :)

This gift is perfect for:

Office Gifts

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. But what about women's adult coloring books? We're talking about over 50 pages of inspirational words, messages, and pictures that will make any woman feel good. This is the perfect gift for all women, from someone going to college or the bossy CEO who likes to color in her spare time. Coloring is soothing and can help reduce stress and anxiety. Color how you want and hang them up in your office, give them to friends. We suggest coloring the whole page and making mini posters!

Why Are Adults Buying Coloring Books?

Adults are buying coloring books because they're fun and relaxing. They make great gifts for friends, coworkers, parents, girlfriends......everyone! Adults are buying coloring books because they help to reduce stress and anxiety while also providing a form of artistic therapy. There's nothing else quite like it!

After a long day of work , adults can unwind by sitting down with a coloring book and some pencils or crayons. Adult coloring books are calming, therapeutic, creative.....and fun!

Are adult coloring books worth it?

Adult coloring books are worth it because they're therapeutic. They are worth it because you can have fun while getting creative and relaxing at the same time! Adult coloring books are worth buying to give as gifts or for yourself, too.

Can Adults Use Coloring Books?

Adults can use coloring books as an activity to reduce anxiety and stress. They can also give you a creative outlet while providing some much-needed relaxation! Adults with kids like adult coloring books too because they're something that the whole family can enjoy together.

Is adult coloring therapeutic?

Adult coloring is therapeutic because it's calming and soothing. It can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and more! Adult coloring is therapeutic because it makes you feel good while also being creative. Coloring in a book or on your computer screen lets you be whoever you want to be for that moment- with no limits!

We believe we have came up with the best adult coloring books for women. They are good for stress relief with our best images of women, flowers, patterns and quality messages that will make any woman feel good.

We know you've seen all the fuss about adult coloring books and how they can help improve your mental health. But what if we told you that this is especially true for women? Women's Adult Coloring Books are a powerful way to destress, relax, de-stress or just color in an inspirational way. The pages of our book go from blank space with motivational words on one page to full scenes that give any woman something beautiful to look at while she colors. Our goal was to create a product that would make every woman feel like their innermost feelings were being heard and validated by these messages. And it doesn't stop there! If you want more than 50 pages of soothing images (all different themes) then check out

Bad Bitch Coloring Book PDF For IPAD/Computer/Tablets

  • It can work on any tablet with coloring capabilities through devices or certain downloadable apps. 

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