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I'm not going to lie, I am a huge Disney fan. So when these Halloween X Disney shoe charms came out, I was ecstatic! Each charm is custom-made for all you Disney lovers and even horror movie lovers. 


We've seen our fair share of Halloween x Disney shoes come through this year but - we have never seen anything like what we just released.


The croc charms are perfect to wear for all occasions and with any outfit. Can't get enough of these stylish, colorful pieces that make heads turn!

Joker Croc Charm

  • Fast Shipping Available

    Ships withing 24-48 hours

    No refund. Exchange only

  •  Millennial amor has the perfect charm for you! With a variety of styles and characters to choose from, there's something here that will be sure make any croc pop. Get your hands on these now before they sell out - we don't want them going anywhere else but your feet because this is where ultimate fashion happens:)

    Halloween-themed croc charms are sure to give you the right scary style. From classic movies and newer releases alike we've got something that will suit any taste!

    Our Disney Themed Croc Charms are the perfect way to show your love for this magical franchise. We have everything you need, from small pendants and bracelets all the way up large necklaces!

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